Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Weekends are usually pretty booked up with plans, errands, sleeping off hangovers, etc.
But this past Saturday provided an entire afternoon that was free of all obligations, and we decided to bowl it up.

At first, Zach wasn't very excited.
Probably because when he thinks of bowling alleys, he pictures something like this:
And thinks of dark and smokey buildings, that smell like bowling shoes and old beer.
Ew. These things do not make me want to bowl either.

BUT, we dind't go to suburbia bowl-o-rama. Oh, no sir.
We went to Lucky Strike Lanes in the Pavillions, on 16th St. downtown.
And we loved it.

Housed in a huge loft-style space, there's room for about 12 lanes, a bar, and a restuarant.
Retro decorations adorn the walls, and projection screens serve as a backdrop to the lanes.

Between frames you can kick back on the low, lounge-like couches and order some pretty decent snacks and drinks.
Because what is bowling without a beer, right?
Our Bud Lights came in bottles that looked like bowling pins. ----SO exciting!
While it was a little pricey, I would definitely recommend it for a cute date, and we're planning on going again to take advantage of their $2 Tuesday special - $2 game, $2 shoe rental, $2 coors lights.


  1. Combined we out-bowled the President. And we did so without making any politically incorrect statements about special needs persons.

    "Sweetie pig is my daily dose of stimulating talk, picturesque profiling and all around cuteness. I don't end my day without it"
    - Mr. Zachary Scott Shulman, Champion of Humanity.

  2. I went downtown today and thought it was odd to see a bowling alley right in the middle of everything.

    Hooray for Denver!