Thursday, May 2, 2013

Greek Pasta Salad

I made a really good pasta salad for Zach's birthday the other day! Perfect for summer bbq's because it's light and has lots of veggies!

-       2 boxes of tri-color rotini pasta
-       3 bell peppers (green, red, yellow) - diced
-       ½ red onion – diced (I soak it in a water/vinegar mixture for 30 mins to mellow out and not taste so oniony)
-       2 zucchini – cut in quarters, then sliced thin
-       1 pack grape tomatoes – cut in half
-       1 can black olives – cut in half
-       10 pepperoncini peppers – diced
-       1 cup feta cheese

1.     Cook pasta and let cool.
2.     Slice and dice those veggies!
3.     Combine pasta, veggies, and dressing. Let rest in the fridge for an hour or so. Note: I didn’t add all the pasta – I probably used 1 package and ½.

Greek Dressing
-       1 cup vegetable oil
-       ¼ cup red wine vinegar
-       ¼ cup lemon juice
-       1 tsp sugar
-       ½ tsp dry mustard
-       ½ tsp onion powder
-       ½ tsp oregano
-       ¼ tsp thyme
-       1 clove garlic
Blend well (I put it in the food processor).

Sunday, March 18, 2012

st. patty's day!

st. patty's day started with green beer and ended with baileys! well, baileys cupcakes! i used this recipe as my inspiration, but changed it up to use cream cheese frosting instead since it's my fave.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Double vision

We're going to Cabo this summer for a wedding and even though it's only February, I'm already on the hunt for fun summer dresses. While I was perusing Piperlime, I noticed this pretty little thing:So pretty, right?! Well, I also got a sale email from Old Navy so I checked out their sundresses as well, and look what I found....

I was struck by how similar they were! I love the colors and the blocking on both frocks. But think I'd go for the Piperlime version as it has a more interesting neckline and a more flattering hem length.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

cowboy cookies.

well hello!
i haven't blogged in, oh, about a billion years. so... i'm back!
let's talk about cookies! k? k.
i made martha's cowboy cookies. they were pretty damn good! oatmeal cookies but a lot more interesting!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

little man

where can you find 60's music humming from the speakers, a grown-up size slide on the patio, and the best ice cream in denver?

Little Man ice cream has all of the above, and so much more.

in addition to the requisite chocolate and vanilla, we tried raspberry love (raspberry ice cream with heart shaped chocolates mixed in) and tequila cream (no explanation necessary).
and it. was. good.

located in the highlands, this joint has good some serious atmosphere. good people watching, and great for dates. the ice cream is made just up the street in the Little Man kitchen and while it costs a little more than 31 Flavors, it's definitely worth it.

there is no need to feel guilty for indulging in a double scoop cone either; for every scoop of ice cream that's sold the owner donates a scoop of rice to a developing country. i'd say that is motivation to try every flavor they've got.

photo taken from:

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

classy as always

like most of you, when i think of franzia, i think of fraternity formals where one guy would hold the bag and walk around with the spout open, aiming the delish contents into everyone's mouths.
oh wait, you don't think of that?
anyway, i recently gave boxed wine another try and picked up 'black box' merlot. it was about $20, and held the equivalent of four bottles.
was it amazing? umm, no.
was it pretty good? yes.
would i get it again when i have those lushes i call gal pals over for happy hour? yes yes yes.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

film on the rocks

tonight we're heading to see Top Gun at Film On The Rocks!

Film on the Rocks in a Denver summertime tradition, where fun movies are shown on a big screen at Red Rocks Amphiteater

I feel the need. The need for speed.