Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Etsy Obsession

So I'm not exactly what you would call an, 'early adopter'.

One of the last ones to get an ipod? Check.
One of the final few still using a regular cell phone? Check.
Purchased something amazing from etsy? ....hmm....

Have you heard of etsy?
It's like the biggest arts & crafts festival you've ever been to, only it's all online.
There are TONS of talented artists with their own shops, offering everything your artistic little heart could desire!

Today, I made a quick decision, and caved to the addiction known as etsy.
It didn't even feel like a decision though, because I HAD to have this little elephant.

No, but really. I'm in love.
And I'm SO excited to get this little guy in the mail, and find the perfect spot for him on the wall!

This ellie comes from from Suspect Shoppe - check it out for all sorts of charming prints!

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