Tuesday, August 4, 2009

the golden rule.

i hold doors, i smile at people, i let people merge in front of me in traffic. i'm a pretty nice person... most of the time...
on sunday afternoon, i had a minor lapse of judgement, and did something that was not so nice.
a car was blocking the only entrance into my apartment complex. hmmm. this was not good. i had a carful of groceries and a little party to host in 15 minutes.
i left a note on this car, letting them know (as if they didn't already) that they were blocking the entrance. 'how rude!' 'how inconsiderate!' i thought.
while walking back to my own car i saw the apartment manager who informed me that the car was stalled.
gulp. i felt like such. a. jerk.
immediately i regreted my rash and rude behavior, and felt horrible about leaving the note on some poor person's windsheild, when they probably were already stressed out and feeling bad.

i decided that the only way i could feel better about this, was to do something nice. to put some good things back into the world, and maybe, improve my karma along the way.
and that's where Operation NICE comes in. it's a website started by a girl named melissa, who's on a mission to inspire people to be 'proactively nice'.

there are a lot of ways to do this, and here are some of her simple suggestions:
Put an extra nickel, dime or quarter in a parking meter for someone.
Clear the snow off a neighbor's car after a big snowfall.
When you see a mom with a stroller going into a building - hold the door for her. She'll appreciate it more than you'll know!

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