Monday, March 23, 2009

Red lipstick not included

Z says he wants an office.
Sure, that seems fair.
We all need a place to collect our thoughts and call our own.

A place to relax and be ourselves.

When asked what I get if he has his own office, he responded, "the rest of the house".
Pish Posh.

If I were to carve out a space for myself, my hideaway would be a 'dressing room'.

A classic lady's lounge.
With the little mints they have at country clubs and good lighting.
Oh, and a place to put up all my inspiration.

Plenty of storage for all the essentials .makeup, shoes, clothes, accessories.

Oh and spots for champagne, notebooks & magazines, and plenty of comfy places for girlfriends to sit.
Fresh flowers?
A must.

I would decorate it with these posters - classic Vogue covers and photographs - to maximize the girly-ness, and kick up the glamour.

I'm ready to move in, please!

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  1. That ladies lounge looks too perfect. Can you carve out a little corner near the vanity for moi?